Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honors has Wireless?

One of the things that bugged me most when I got here is the spotty (i.e. non-existent) wireless coverage here in the basement of the Student Health Center. We've been told that we're on a list at ITS to get a wireless transceiver in the forum, but that list is apparently long. Even when we do get wireless, from the Forum there's no guarantee it will reach back down the hall, say to Scribendi and the eastern most classrooms. For a time, I was making due by dragging a portable router with me to class each day, but that got old fast. Jenny and I at least have been chomping at the bit to do something about this, and we recently spotted some cheap wireless routers online. They were easy to set up, but harder to name.
Now we have three access points: Storm, Rogue, and Jubilee (well Jubilee's with me right now, but she'll be back later today). These should provide wireless coverage to our Forum, halls, and classrooms. So if you're setting up a laptop for presentations, hopefully this means one less wire for you to connect, and if you've got your laptop for anything else, the entire distracting and information filled intertubes should be at your fingertips.

If you have suggestions for names, we're shooting for a natural trio (I left out Jean Grey on purpose) of powerful women.

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Jynne said...

Careful, maximalideal...I have found that the Jean Grey issue is about as contentious and incendiary as an AIG bonus. I love the wireless in the building! It's been a huge help and it's one less cable to check out from the office!