Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beowulf-The Film

The other night, as we were watching the film, a elderly man (VERY OLD) commented on the "inappropriate laughter" throughout the film. I, of course, immediately considered it to be the laughter of my classmates and I since we were the youngest in the room, however, it also made me think of something else. What makes laughter appropriate in the classroom? In your opinion, is learning really education without enjoyment? Do you believe that a student will retain more with laughter? And finally, do you think that education is the FULL experience, including the laughter in class? "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy." Let's not be an 150 year old Jack like the man in the forum.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why am I an Honors student?

While completing an assignment for my Honors Legacy class several days ago, I began to think about why exactly I decided to be a part of the Honors Program at UNM. I am sure that my reason is the same as many others: I was always an Honors student in high school and figured that I would continue with it in college. However, I never before stopped to think about why exactly I thought this way. During the aforementioned Legacy assignment, I was discussing fear and what exactly my fears are. I realized that one of my biggest fears, probably the biggest fear, is that of failure. Failure in life in general. I am absolutely terrified of not completing the 4-year plan that I recently made myself to complete my double major and minor. This may just sound like me tooting my own horn, but it is the exact opposite. The reason that I try to do so much, take the hard classes, and do things like join the Honors Program is because I want to make sure that I do everything possible to accomplish my dreams. Now, I just have to learn that joining clubs, taking the hard classes, and signing up for the Honors program is simply not enough. By doing those things I was passively pursuing my dreams. It's time to become active and make sure that I do not let another day slip by without doing everything possible to make my life what I want it to be. And I encourage all of you to do the very same.

To everyone who has ever wanted to run a marathon

Follow the link this documentary called "Spirit of the Marathon" on Hulu. If the link does not work then go directly to hulu and search for the film. This is an excellent and very inspirational documentary that proves anyone can run this amazing race! A must see for all fans of sports and the human spirit.

I Dare You...

In the interest of keeping this blog at least semi-academic, I dare you to explain your wildest midterm (or exam) moment! I know, I know, this sounds a bit odd. But just roll with it for a little while. I am currently sitting up, at 4:00am after studying for not only the entire day and night, but the past week at least! This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous and I need some inspiration to keep me going in the future.

Staying true to my nature as a college student, I am sitting here thinking of the things I want to to in order to avoid what I need to do (which is obviously to continue studying). So I ask you to share your 1) Most hilarious midterm moment (like turning a study session into a gossiping session like I did with the lovely and talented Co-President, Jessica Mazzie, just the other day), 2) your most terrifying midterm moment (like forgetting the test was tomorrow or studying the wrong chapters, etc.), or 3) your most outrageous midterm experience (like locking your keys in your car while picking up a redbull right before the exam)! All of these would be in the very least interesting to read, especially coming from the Honors crowd.

I can honestly say from experience, while we may be the best at what we do academically, sometimes you just can't fight the truth that we too do some pretty childish/odd/funny/moronic (yeah I said it) things.

I wonder which of us will have the best story?!

- Christopher Hicks

Friday, October 16, 2009


I scoured the kitchen…looking for caffeine. A preliminary search revealed little hope. Soda, which I’ve had too much of in my life (trying to cut back, you see) is out. Tea, which is good for morning, but not so much for certain metabolisms in which the caffeine might not affect the system in the same manner in the midst of altered mindsets (i.e. Sleep Deprivation) of certain people (me), is out as well. This left… coffee. Mmmm… coffee… Knowing how tired I was earlier, and knowing my fourth (or is it fifth?) wind would give out any second… I tried a mixture…

As with most things coming from a kitchen at two in the morning, the aroma, while pleasing, left an awful aftertaste and stained my teeth. This was the strong stuff. Albeit mixing brewed coffee and instant coffee might seem, well, redundant, it was two in the morning and I was already suffering from sleep deprivation. as stated earlier. I tend to repeat myself in such dire times. I tend to repeat myself in such dire times. The substance made my teeth itch, and made my insides turn an awful color I’m sure. I tried to pour some cream into the… well, I dunno what to call it. Anyway, the darkness existing in this already shaking mug (or is that my arm?) enveloped the cream quickly - never to be seen again. I took a sip and it reminded me of fishing with some buddies from work. It was early and the sugar was at the bottom of the supply box and, afraid to look like a sissy, I settled for a dab of creamer in my coffee and was able to hold it down. Consequently that’s the same trip in which I learned to appreciate the amphetamine affects of pure percolated black coffee. Back to tonight. I barely suppressed my gag reflex for several reasons, one, I need the caffeine to set in, but mostly because I was afraid of the vomit - the taste, the smell, I wondered about the color as well. You would understand if you saw that coffee.

After the first mug, my arm wasn’t shaking any more, just the rest of my body. And the room. Probably the world, too. A wolf howled in the distance. I offered some coffee to the man standing next to me, before I realized that it wasn’t a person, but a manifestation of my spirit outside my body, taking refuge from the ill effects. That is, the vomiting. He took some anyway though, and then he promptly rushed to the bathroom. I wasn’t distraught, mostly because I knew I didn’t need a soul to write my English paper. The world stopped shaking, and an evil spirit rose from the cup and forced me to add butterscotch chips to what I can only assume is now a living mixture. It also possessed my body to force a cup of butterscotch pitch black slightly creamed instewed (instant + brewed) coffee down my piehole. I wondered where the word piehole came from when I regained control of most of my bodily functions; however I was still unable to stop my heart. Amazingly, at this point my gag reflex gave way and as a courtesy to the readers at home, or really, wherever you are, I will omit this…colorful description of my… pitch black… uncontrollable… projectile… nevermind.

The world gave up shaking altogether and decided to spin instead. I sat down, and poured whatever was left down the drain. Dad says the plumbers will be out on Tuesday and until then we’ll need to go to other places for running water and bathroom privileges. Also he said the drains have never been cleaner. He inquired about the butterscotch chips and I admitted dairy related addiction, and I go to a group on Friday. The English paper isn’t written, and this paper you are reading now (or that is being read to you) represents a quality thirty minutes of procrastination. My spleen is singing Irish drinking songs that I’ve never heard of and my stomach still refuses consolation. An MRI would surely reveal black spots along major blood lines and important organs, and I am neither surprised nor distraught, because those are merely aftereffects of said coffee and I’m sure they’ll wear off promptly after death. Even if they do match my shoes. My eyeballs philosophize about colors and higher meaning when my ears get involved. Tensions are only stressed when they take sides and once again my teeth are forced to mediate. As with most debates, things get political and my ears fire-bomb my eyes, resulting in bloodshot…ness. My nose has yet to forgive me for other reasons. I’m shaking again but only because it’s cold, and the letters on this paper are fighting with odd Yiddish weaponry. Mostly Throwing Stars of David. My bed welcomed me as a weary traveler welcomes cacti. Slowly fading into unconsciousness, I realized that sleep was impossible and remembered my English paper. I was suddenly aware that I hadn’t blinked in an hour and a half and I realized that I was hungry. I lazily walked to the kitchen, and evaluated my options. After ten minutes of this, I decided to experiment.

As with most things coming from the kitchen at two-thirty in the morning…

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat: Halloween '09

Hello fellow UHP students/faculty!

I was just sitting here wondering what I should be for Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday, if only for the fact that more horror flicks are on, and everyone gets to dress up in terrifyingly outrageous costumes. So to get to the point, does anyone have any great costume ideas or like to share what they will be dressing up as this year?

Finding a costume for a guy is difficult because the only real male costumes I have found are ridiculous. They are all along the lines of some hefty version of a normal costume, something extremely perverse, or just plain stupid. And as far as female costumes go, they are generally all the same (a skimpy version of a well-known character, etc.).

Why is it SO difficult to find a good costume?! I guess I could always make a costume, but that is where all of you come in. I need the ideas in order to choose the perfect one. So please, share your ideas on future or past costumes, and hopefully in your attempt to help me, you can gain some insight as well.

Thanks :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Short on Reading?

"Short on Reading" is a new Noticias weekly feature that former Uber-Editor Molly Sroges writes every week. While I don't always have time to read the books Molly suggests, I do love reading her reviews!

"Short on Reading"
by Molly Sroges

Life of Pi by Yann Martel
By now, there is a good chance you're familiar with Yann Martel's Life of Pi: a young boy stuck in a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a tiger. I will tell you something else: Pi has three religions, and that's why I opened the book. By the time I closed it, it had found its place among my favorites. I have heard others argue that it drags, it's unbelievable, and it's just downright weird, but you have to try it for yourself before you can criticize it. A bit of advice if you do pick it up: read the Author's Note at the beginning. It's more of a prologue really.

It's the book for you if... you dare to believe in God.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thoughts from the Scholars Wing: Noticias in the Blogosphere

Hello! My name is Andrea Schoeny and I am the Uber-Editor of Noticias, the weekly newsletter of the Scholars Wing, the Honors residence in Hokona Hall. I have been asked to share snippits of our newsletter with you, and am happy to do so. I'll try to post as often as I can. Enjoy!

Goodbye to the Fireflies by Ioan Belovarski
Birds call onward in the evening sky –
Their flutter of wings, a faintest goodbye –
As blue sky recedes to the natural black
And night embarks on its fated track

And all the while I look out dead –
There’s little left in my emptied head –
But I see the moon make its steady rise
Midst the quiet buzz of the fireflies

Thus one thought springs in my reverie –
It’s not something I would wish to see –
I simply cannot help but wonder at why
I choose to live and not just to die

When everything tells me there’s no more light –
The future’s not clear, but it’s also not bright –
Should I even bother to continue my stay
And fade as fireflies do in the day?