Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beowulf-The Film

The other night, as we were watching the film, a elderly man (VERY OLD) commented on the "inappropriate laughter" throughout the film. I, of course, immediately considered it to be the laughter of my classmates and I since we were the youngest in the room, however, it also made me think of something else. What makes laughter appropriate in the classroom? In your opinion, is learning really education without enjoyment? Do you believe that a student will retain more with laughter? And finally, do you think that education is the FULL experience, including the laughter in class? "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy." Let's not be an 150 year old Jack like the man in the forum.

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robby said...

I think there is certainly a place for laughter in classroom (while watching movies, that is another issue). I think that if the laughter is shared with the class in relation to the material being covered and with a respectful open-mindedness that welcomes everyone to feel free to laugh, then you should laugh away. Side conversations and giggling are the stuff of children and obviously don't belong in the classroom.