Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Dare You...

In the interest of keeping this blog at least semi-academic, I dare you to explain your wildest midterm (or exam) moment! I know, I know, this sounds a bit odd. But just roll with it for a little while. I am currently sitting up, at 4:00am after studying for not only the entire day and night, but the past week at least! This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous and I need some inspiration to keep me going in the future.

Staying true to my nature as a college student, I am sitting here thinking of the things I want to to in order to avoid what I need to do (which is obviously to continue studying). So I ask you to share your 1) Most hilarious midterm moment (like turning a study session into a gossiping session like I did with the lovely and talented Co-President, Jessica Mazzie, just the other day), 2) your most terrifying midterm moment (like forgetting the test was tomorrow or studying the wrong chapters, etc.), or 3) your most outrageous midterm experience (like locking your keys in your car while picking up a redbull right before the exam)! All of these would be in the very least interesting to read, especially coming from the Honors crowd.

I can honestly say from experience, while we may be the best at what we do academically, sometimes you just can't fight the truth that we too do some pretty childish/odd/funny/moronic (yeah I said it) things.

I wonder which of us will have the best story?!

- Christopher Hicks

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