Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat: Halloween '09

Hello fellow UHP students/faculty!

I was just sitting here wondering what I should be for Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday, if only for the fact that more horror flicks are on, and everyone gets to dress up in terrifyingly outrageous costumes. So to get to the point, does anyone have any great costume ideas or like to share what they will be dressing up as this year?

Finding a costume for a guy is difficult because the only real male costumes I have found are ridiculous. They are all along the lines of some hefty version of a normal costume, something extremely perverse, or just plain stupid. And as far as female costumes go, they are generally all the same (a skimpy version of a well-known character, etc.).

Why is it SO difficult to find a good costume?! I guess I could always make a costume, but that is where all of you come in. I need the ideas in order to choose the perfect one. So please, share your ideas on future or past costumes, and hopefully in your attempt to help me, you can gain some insight as well.

Thanks :)


Dracula said...

Last year I was a gladiator, which was really awesome. You could also go with the whole nudist body paint idea but that could get risky due to the amount of cops out on Halloween. But I agree, Halloween is definitely the best holiday, the one night a year you are allowed to be someone you're not. It's amazing.
A good idea would think of your favorite movies and take a character you could dramatize in a costume. Usually, Tom Cruise from Risky Business is a good one. :D

Pegasus said...

Hi Chris,

First of all what are some of your interests? I would love to help you come up with a costume idea.

Chris (HSAC Co-Pres) said...

Ha ha. . I actually have tried thinking of my favorite movies, but sadly the only guys in my top movies (or most movies I consider) wear plain suits or normal clothes. I wanted to do Tom Cruise in Risky Business, however, I will be at a National Honors Conference in Washington, D.C. (representing the UHP) so the nudist/risque idea might be a tad bit touchy.

As for my interests, I really like to be things that are at least semi-original. Even if I were to choose a costume from a store, I like to add a lot of extra to make it my own. I have no aversion to wearing girl's costumes (as they tend to have MUCH more originality and variety) or anything that is embarrassing. I am not one to have a problem with being eccentric. I love a lot of colors and fun ideas like the "killer bee" costume that has a bee holding a gun. HILARIOUS!

Thanks for your help :P

Chris (HSAC Co-Pres) said...

I DID IT!!! I am a black n white angel. Wings (one black one white), halo (1/2 black 1/2 white), black V-neck shirt, white rosary, white belt, black suit pants, white shoes, black shoelaces, white n black arm bands.

Trust me, it's awesome! Thanks for your help and for every one who read this and came be my office and told me their thoughts!


Selkie said...

I am having that very same problem this year. The only costumes I can find are skimpy female costumes that don't reach beyond the knees. It's quite annoying. One year, when I was little, I was the Statue of Liberty. Simply a green sheet wrapped around with a foam crown and a torch flashlight. It was a lot of fun, and I recieved many compliments. Not sure if that will work for you, but good luck with your search!

Chimera said...


1. If you like scary movies, I hear that the girl from THE RING is a pretty good subject to base a good costume on.

2. If you play video games, try thinking of a character in one of your favorite games and make a costume. Also, many can be found online.
Example: Faith from Mirror's Edge or Yuna from FFX
If you like the classics, go for Pacman!

3. If all else fails, be one of your friends. Show up at their house and see what they think. It's entertaining to see their expressions when they see a look-a-like staring back at them.

Chris (HSAC Co-Pres) said...

All equally amazing suggestions! I think perhaps I will keep looking because there are just so many options (none of which are readily available) and as long as I keep my mind open, I can think of something 100% ORIGINAL.

Falkor said...

I agree!! The lack of creativity in costumes these days is disappointing!
You could possibly make a costume I guess. I have always wanted to be a Zebra or a Tiger or something. However I have yet to find fun animal costumes, other than baby costumes. I'm not sure what I'm going to be this year either and I'm frustrated. I will probably resort to being some cheesy Disney princess or something. Anyway, you could always imitate someone! That's always fun and hilarious. Some of my friends are dressing up as stupid Vh1 reality show stars; I'm looking forward to that!

Chris (HSAC Co-Pres) said...

Ha ha on the note of just making up a costume. . my friend is going to going as H1N1 this year. I am not sure of all the exact details, however, it involves a piggy tail, pom poms, and some type of cheerleader outfit. Seems interesting!

Fawkes said...

It's unfortunate you'll be at a conference. This professional environment takes away from some of the fun that could be had. Take my old standby for example, Teddy Roosevelt. It's brilliant because his old phrase "Talk softly and carry a big stick" makes for some hilarious innuendo. However, in a more professional environment this might need to be left out.
P.S. its really hard to be original with the millions of people also wearing costumes who are generating tons of the same ideas as you.